Making the New LinkedIn Work For You

One of the great ironies of the social media age is that we spend much more time on our Facebook pages than on our LinkedIn counterparts. Yet, LinkedIn is the site that can help people find a new, better job.

photo of people working - LinkedIn for expats tipsAccording to a May report by The New York Times the average Facebook user spends 50 minutes a day on Facebook, and just two minutes on LinkedIn. Meanwhile, Adweek reported last year 87 percent of recruiters who use social media in their work use LinkedIn, while 55 percent use Facebook.

The question to ask yourself is “Would you rather look at cat videos and pictures of food, or help your career?” If you answered the latter, it's time to give your LinkedIn page a little attention, including taking advantage of the some of the site's newest features.

  1. There's an app for that

Late last year, LinkedIn introduced a redesigned mobile app, which makes it easier to update your status and more importantly, respond to job postings. In this day of age of connectivity, the earlier you respond to a job post, the better your chances of nailing the job are.

LinkedIn’s new format for job listings is one of its most useful innovations. It tells you if any of your contacts work at the company you’re interested in, if the company hires people with backgrounds similar to yours, and who you'd be working with if you get the job. Premium subscribers can gain further insight, such as a company’s growth rate, where it hires from, and how long the average employee works there.

  1. Show them your mad skills

Informing people of your skills has been a part of LinkedIn from the very start, but recruiters now can search, and narrow down, candidates by their skills. So be sure to keep your skills updated. When you learn something new on your job, or master a new social media platform, make sure your network knows.

  1. Join a Group

LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with people who are working in your field. It's a wonder more people don't take advantage of this feature. There are groups for industries, school alumni, post-event networking, and cities and regions. Groups let you read, post and comment on articles and engage in insightful conversation. Don’t be shy- post your thoughts and share content that interests you, and you’ll be surprised what opportunities it can open up!

  1. Send a message

LinkedIn adjusted its messaging system, which used to function more like email, and made it more like instant messaging. The look is more streamlined and the chat-style interface makes back-and-forth messaging easier. Notifications make it easier for you stay on top of important conversations. Users also can attach photos, documents and use stickers, emojis and GIFs. These details can help add some personality to your professional relationships, but be sure to use them properly. If your business contact is keeping things formal, stay away from the emojis.

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