How to Choose the Best Short-Term Travel Medical Plan

Whenever you are traveling overseas, it is important to always be prepared and have health insurance coverage. Travelers should know the difference between short term travel medical insurance, intended for those on brief trips, and long term international health insurance, intended primarily for expats relocating abroad.

What are the differences between a short-term travel medical plan and international health insurance plan?

How to Choose the Best Short-Term Health Insurance PlanThose traveling to foreign countries for short periods of time need to be protected with  health insurance in case of an emergency and to satisfy visa requirements. To provide healthcare coverage for these individuals, insurance companies offer short-term travel medical plans that include trip interruption coverage as well as medical benefits. Trip interruption provides coverage for room and board, meals, and flight reimbursement. 

Short-term travel medical coverage is for a specified duration of the trip generally between one week to six months and can be extended to a year. Short-term travel medical plans are not intended to serve as a permanent health coverage solution. Expats living abroad for more time than six months should look into long-term health insurance.

Generally, short-term travel medical plans cover a range of medical services including urgent care, hospitalization/physical services, doctor visits, surgery, outpatient and inpatient care. Usually, emergency medical evacuation is covered as well under short-term plans. However, routine office visits and medical checkups are usually not covered. Long-term health insurance plans usually have higher coverage limits, wellness benefits, prescription coverage, and less exclusions than short-term travel medical plans.

Benefits of Short-Term Travel Medical Insurance

Short-term travel medical insurance plans offer basic protection in case of medical emergencies. They allow expats to easily obtain emergency medical care in the country they are visiting.

By having short-term travel medical insurance, you can be protected against expensive out-of-pocket medical bills in case of a medical emergency, but more importantly provide peace of mind so there is one less thing to worry about when abroad.

Choosing the Right Plan

Obtaining short-term travel medical insurance is an important step when traveling abroad for any duration of time. Please check the following when choosing the right plan:

  • Low deductible & coinsurance
  • Coverage limits
  • Exclusions and pre-existing conditions
  • Borderless coverage that extends to other countries
  • Medical Evacuation & Repatriation coverage
  • Trip Interruption coverage 
  • 24/7 healthcare support in English 

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