Work Opportunities for Expats in Unexpected Locations     

If you are planning on moving overseas in search of a new job, you might have your eyes set on a country like the United Kingdom, Australia or the United Arab Emirates. However, expats all across the country are finding work opportunities in places that are more underdeveloped than their home country. With that in mind, you may want to look for work in countries that may not have previously been at the top of your list.

Expat Jobs in Unexpected Locations Jobs available in hazardous nations

Ideal expat destinations are popular for a reason - they often provide financial security, personal safety and plenty of job opportunities. These positions are highly competitive with hundreds of potential applicants. In order to avoid the competition, some people have turned to less popular nations - with positive results.

According to Australia-based media publication The Age, accepting a job in a dangerous country can be just as rewarding as living and working anywhere else, as long as the proper preparations are made. It is surprising how easy it can be to cope with problems and hazards once certain precautions have been taken. In addition, the camaraderie of living and working in close proximity with other expats can provide a sense of community.

Tim Wyatt, an oil and gas engineer who has relocated to Africa, told the news source that his switch into a potentially dangerous situation was financially worthwhile, and he and his family made quality friends. However, he noted that a hazardous job posting must be taken in stride, because a negative attitude can make things worse.

Moreover, technology and other creature comforts can make the transition easier, the media outlet reported. The Internet can help you stay in touch with friends and family back home, which can make all the difference when it comes to work and life satisfaction.

Understand the risks before moving

According to the Matador Network, all expats should research possible destinations before traveling there. If you are interested in accepting a job in a potentially more hazardous part of the world, it is ideal that you understand all the risks ahead of time.

Regardless of the country, risks can appear in many forms. For example, political instability is a real threat in certain countries. While paying attention to current events can be helpful, the Matador Network recommends that you check out the nation's history first. A recent civil war may be indicative of future problems, or a lack of government-controlled land may signal a prominence of armed militias. Power struggles often lead to riots, looting and violence, so it can be smart to take note of past, present and future trends to keep you and your family safe while abroad.

Many potential expats aren't too sure about how to acquire a EU work permit abroad, otherwise known as a "Blue Card." The process can be long and complicated, and a misstep here or there could throw everything off course. So, if you are interested in getting a job in the EU, it may be time to acquire a work permit. Find out how to obtain an EU work permit

How to Obtain an EU Work Permit

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