Tips for Working in Australia  

As a member of an international organization, you are constantly on the lookout for new business opportunities where you can expand your operations. Thankfully, there are plenty of countries that are perfect for global companies with a skilled workforce and burgeoning economies to support growth.

Doing Business in Australia Expanding operations internationally also carries a set of unique business risks. For example, Australia may be perfect for your international organization, but without a careful analysis of the pros, cons, customs and etiquette, you may make some crucial mistakes that negatively impact your bottom line. To prevent that from happening, here are a few things you should know about doing business in Australia:

Learn How the People Behave

Your business may be used to the fast-paced environments in the U.S. or the U.K. When moving operations to Australia, you should expect a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to the people.

According to language resource company Kwintessential, Australians are more down to earth and modest than many other nationalities. When preparing for a meeting, try to be as authentic, honest and sincere as possible. A good sense of humor never hurts either. You can also check your ego, at the door - instead, talk only about the business at hand.

The relationships you build in Australia can make or break your business. Place a great importance on your friends and professional allies. Making new connections will help you out during your time in this country.

Pay Attention to Local Etiquette

In interviews with Business Insider, a number of professionals provided some advice for doing business in Australia. For example, many professionals in the Australia place a strong emphasis on efficiency, especially when it comes to meetings. In a business meeting, avoid wasting time or discussing irrelevant information and get straight to the point.  Most importantly, you should expect your meetings and your work days to start early. Respect those who you are working with and follow up after every meeting ends.

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