3 Tips for International Fleet Vehicle Maintenance  

As a member of an international organization with operations abroad, the productivity and profitability of your company depends on the ability to move goods from one location to another. Proper fleet vehicle maintenance is essential to keeping your operation running smoothly, especially given the dangerous driving conditions overseas.Without safe trucks in good condition, it will be much harder for you to have a solvent operation. So, with that in mind, here are three effective tips to keep your fleet in top shape:

International Fleet Insurance1. Keep it on a schedule
Without a proper schedule, it is easy for things like fleet vehicle maintenance to slip through the cracks.. According to General Motors, it is easier if everything is kept on a tight schedule. For example, every week - or at each fill-up - check the fleet's oil, water, coolant and tire pressure. It is also helpful to look around the vehicles regularly for damage. On a monthly basis, look at transmission fluid and brake fluid, and also check under the hood. Larger inspections can occur once a year, but sticking to a regimented schedule will ensure that the vehicles are always in top shape.

2. Add a vehicle tracking system
Managing a large fleet of vehicles and their maintenance history is near impossible without a vehicle tracking system. Autos.com recommended installing a vehicle tracking system for your fleet. This software will give you a reminder about important maintenance tasks so you never forget. If your fleet is large, it can be easy to miss checking one important item on a certain vehicle. With a tracking system in place, you'll be alerted when it is time. This will help save you money and keep the business on schedule.

3. Purchase international insurance
International companies with large fleets of vehicles require a specialized insurance policy in order to effectively mitigate the risk of international shipping. A specialized fleet insurance program will you the the coverage you need to cover your commercial cars and trucks abroad. Traditional policies aren't equipped to handle the demands of a global organization, but with the right coverage in place you'll know that any accident won't be the end of your operations. Better yet, international insurance can provide indemnification for other forms of damage, such as riots or acts of war and terrorism

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