The 10 Best Places for Expats to Live Abroad

If you have ever wanted to live abroad, there are countless destinations you can choose from. However, knowing which destinations will offer the best experience can be daunting. There are many factors to consider when choosing a country such as cost of living, climate, employment opportunities, visa requirements, language barrier, and taxes. Plus, preparing for the move and calculating expected living expenses and coverage for expatriate insurance is impossible without having at least a destination country in mind.

This list of the 10 best places to live for expats will help you start your search for your ideal international experience.

Top Expat Destinations


Those looking for excellent opportunities with relatively little competition should consider China as their expat destination. With the world’s largest economy, China’s economy is rapidly growing; according to some analysts. China’s low cost of living helps contribute to a high level of disposable income for expatriates living in the area.


With its tropical climate, abundance of beautiful sights, and rich culture, Thailand is a preferred choice by many expats. Thailand has a low cost of living. It’s friendly tax system helps expats have a high level of disposable income.


Top Places for Expats to Live A high standard of living and great employment packages make Switzerland an attractive option for expats. Switzerland’s lakes and mountains mean there are many outdoor activities to enjoy, such as hiking and skiing. The nation has high educational standards, and English is widely spoken. This can make the transition into day-to-day life easier.


Australia has a high quality of life, warm climate, beautiful beaches, and a lack of a language barrier. The nation offers a wide range of schooling possibilities. Its unique one-year visa program means it’s easy to move there.


Generous financial packages and low tax rates help to offset a high cost of living in Singapore. Though education is expensive, the quality of education is very high. The country is also very safe for families. Singapore’s excellent public transportation system helps make it easy to move there without bringing your own vehicle, saving money on overseas car insurance.

Best Places to Live Overseas New Zealand

Like Australia, it is easy to get a New Zealand work visa for a year. Skilled migrants/expats can be granted a stay for up to 5 years. This makes it easy for those who have decided to make New Zealand their new home. Its good climate and high quality of life compliment the nation’s world-class scenery. Additionally, the low crime rate and national healthcare system help to make the country accessible to families.


Generous, tax-free salaries lead to a lot of disposable income for expats in Qatar. Many companies offer car and housing allowances, further reducing the cost of living and increasing exciting multicultural opportunities should consider Qatar as a destination.

Hong Kong 

Many people looking for experience in China but with a slightly easier transition can go to Hong Kong. The destination offers an advanced healthcare system and good educational standards for children. There are also excellent employment opportunities and a large expat community. 


If you’re an EU resident, you don’t need a visa to work in Spain. Many skilled workers (engineers, customer  service, skilled trades, teachers) are in demand in Spain. Though the economy struggled due to the global recession, it has made significant improvements in the past two years. Spain is sunny all-year round – no doubt one of the contributing factors to the fact 14% of Spain’s population are expats.

Living Overseas in Dubai


Tax-free salaries and warm climate are big draws for living in Dubai. Though expensive, the lack of taxes helps to offset that. There are many attractive opportunities in the banking, oil, tourism, and construction industries. The large expat community gives new expats a great starting point.

Now that you know the top places to live as an expat, check out the best paid expat jobs in the world.  

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