Political Turmoil, Dangerous Climate Present in Burundi    

Political Turmoil in BurundiAll across the world, expats in high-risk countries face unique hazards on a daily basis. As a result, current events and political changes within their host nations will have a major impact on their safety, security and quality of life.

With that in mind, comprehensive international insurance policies can help expats manage difficult situations. Coverage will provide financial support in the event of numerous hazardous scenarios, including property damage as a result of political violence. A lack of indemnification can leave expats on the hook for the many expenses accrued during life abroad.

Odds of Violence Increase in Burundi

One country where the likelihood of violence is on the rise is Burundi, a small, landlocked nation in Africa. Many expats here may want to keep a close eye on recent news emerging from the country in order to make educated decisions and stay safe while overseas.

According to AllAfrica, political violence has been an existing problem in Burundi for some time, and conflict is set to escalate as elections are scheduled for 2015. There is currently momentum to remove the existing government from power, and these opposing forces could generate hostile conditions in the country. While reports of potential ethnic violence have emerged, the greater risk at the moment is for smaller-scale bursts of political violence spread throughout Burundi.

UN Warns of Increased Violence

The current situation in Burundi has been closely monitored by the United Nations, which recently sent out a warning of the likelihood of increased political violence in the country. "In the approach of the election period, there is a propensity to political violence and confrontation between youths affiliated with political parties, reflecting the deleterious political climate," Parfait Onanga-Anyanga, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon's special representative, explained to the UN council. "To prevent exacerbation, we particularly recommended that the authorities intensify efforts to promote better political governance through dialogue and tolerance, while putting an end to impunity."

While violence is prevalent in Burundi, the nation was a focal point of the UN's peacemaking activities in Africa in 2006, the UN noted. The goal then was to prevent the nation from falling back into war, and Onanga-Anyanga expressed optimism that these recent problems would be solved peacefully. The current climate in Burundi highlights the importance of international insurance for expats. Political violence coverage can be included as an extension on a number of
different policies, and will provide financial assistance in the event of property damage or other personal loss.

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