How to Reduce Accidents while Living and Working Abroad

Your personal safety - and the well-being of your employees/coworkers - is incredibly important. While living and working abroad, you may encounter different working situations and living conditions then you are accustomed to. By taking extra precaution and being prepared, you can avoid any unexpected accidents.

For starters, make sure your company has group personal accident insurance. Personal accident coverage is the perfect complement to existing risk mitigation strategies, and a plan can provide financial assistance in the event of an injury for you and your employees.

Living, working and traveling all present problems, but a comprehensive approach can reduce the likelihood of a costly accident. Here are several tips you can follow to help mitigate these risks:

Identify the risks abroad
According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, people traveling abroad can encounter hazards, especially in areas where traffic law enforcement is non-existent.

Driving abroad can take some getting used to, especially in countries where people drive on the opposite side of the road. Getting familiar with local driving rules and regulations should be a priority before you start driving on major highways.

Be smart while working
Accidents can happen anywhere, including your workplace. Your focus on safety should extend to office hours as well as into your leisure time.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, accidents and injuries can occur in several areas while on the job. For instance, lifting heavy objects can be dangerous and certain tasks carry a higher chance of injury. Most importantly, always follow safety protocols and ask for help when needed.

In order to safeguard you or your employees from the financial budget of an accident, it is recommended you acquire the right type of international insurance policy for your company. Personal accident coverage provides financial assistance in the event of injury, medical costs or death caused by an accident, among other benefits.

With more than six decades working with international clients, Clements Worldwide is well-versed in offering personal accident coverage. Our international insurance solutions provide comprehensive coverage perfect for those living and working abroad. 

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