High-Limit Disability Insurance – No Matter Your Occupation You are Covered

Everyone deserves to have peace of mind when going to work, knowing that they and their family are protected in case of an unforeseen accident or life-altering event occurs. Expats can face an array of situations that can result in injury or illness. That’s why it’s so important that anyone living and working internationally has a solid disability insurance policy.

Is Disability Just for Accidents?

A disability can happen to someone at any time. According to economists who have analyzed Labor Department data, 6.6 million people exited the workforce from 2010 and 2013, with approximately 28 percent of all workers leaving due to a disability. In fact, an alarming statistic from the National Safety Council shows that in the U.S., a disabling injury occurs every second. While figures aren’t kept for expats, it’s widely believed that thousands of those working overseas will need to file a disability claim at some point.

Even if you feel you work in the safe confines of an office overseas, with no high-risk travel or community unrest in the area, you could always be faced with an illness that could cause you not to be able to work.

Recent research by the Council for Disability Awareness shows that most disability claims aren’t even injury-related, with just five percent of all cases resulting from accidents. The reality is that nearly 30 percent of all new long-term disability claims were caused by musculoskeletal system and connective tissue disorders, around 14 percent were nervous system related and 12.1 percent concerned cardiovascular/circulatory conditions. Another 9 percent were related to cancer. These are all conditions that can affect anyone anywhere.

High Risk Profession? Don’t Worry – We Still Have You Covered

Sometimes, high-income earners, or those who perform a high-risk job or work in an unusual occupation have trouble getting proper disability insurance coverage, especially for amounts that will make a difference.

If you’re someone who holds a high executive level position or are worried that disability insurance won’t be able to cover anywhere close to the salary you make because of a specialized or high-risk job, high-limit disability insurance is just what you need.

Do you have a specialized job like these and wondered if you were qualified for disability insurance?

  • Executive
  • Pilot
  • Offshore oil worker
  • Entertainer
  • Miner
  • Security Consultant
  • Flight Attendant
  • Overseas construction specialist
  • Government contractor in high-risk area

Generally frequent international travel, travel to high-risk areas or U.S. nationals working outside the USA, can cause underwriting issues for traditional carriers. This isn’t the case for Clements Worldwide.

High Salaries Not a Problem – We Have High Limits

Clements Worldwide offers high-limit disability temporary and permanent insurance options that doesn’t discriminate against highly compensated executives, as it understands that this workforce enjoys the luxuries that come from higher salaries and doesn’t believe success should limit your ability to be insured.

With its temporary disability policy, Clements’ high-limit disability insurance features high limits, providing coverage for earnings up to $33,000 per month, with benefits of $20,000 per month or 60% of your salary, whichever is lower. For the benefit of individuals working at international companies, there are no exclusions for war and terrorism. Additionally, Clements provides an extended indemnity period of up to 120 consecutive months of disability.

Don’t Leave Your Future to Chance

Unexpected illness and injuries cause more than 400,000 personal bankruptcies each year, and more than 70 percent of working Americans do not have enough savings to meet short-term emergencies, according to the National Investment Watch Survey.

If an illness or injury keeps you from doing your job—especially if your career depends on a certain physical skill—having high-limit disability insurance can accommodate your lifestyle and your peace of mind.

Even if you think you’re covered by your employer for an injury or illness that can limit you from working, most employee sponsored programs cap out at low limits and that means those with higher incomes will suffer from a large financial gap.

Losing your monthly income can have devastating results for anyone, but even more so on those with high incomes, as you may be forced to give up your home and lifestyle. This could have a crippling impact on your credit and it could take years to bounce back from the financial problems.

Disability insurance is an integral part of a secure financial plan—especially for highly compensated executives. Learn more about how Clements can protect you with temporary or permanent high-limit disability insurance.  

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