Surprising Facts About Expat Life in Dubai   

When becoming an expat in Dubai, many Westerners are surprised by the difference between life at home and doing business in Dubai. Instead of having to learn the hard way, here are the top 4 surprising things about living in Dubai any expat be glad to know before arriving.

Doing Business in UAE1. Enjoy Tax Free Income 

Fortunately for expats, your income won't be taxed in UAE. There are minimal tax fees such as parking n addition to most of your expenses. ost expats have probably heard of tAdditionally, even though Dubai is known as a tax free city, residents may still owe taxes to their home governments depending on when they move.

2. The Cultural Differences are Often More Subtle – But More Significant – Than Expected

Unlike most western cities, Dubai doesn’t have a street numbering system. Instead, directions are often included as addresses. Renting a PO box or mailbox is also very popular. Another difference relates to a staple of Western society: alcohol. Without a private liquor license, it’s against the law to consume alcohol – even in one’s own home. Even those who are not of the Muslim faith must abide by this law.

The truth is, the minor differences of doing business in UAE may affect new residents more than extreme wealth or heat. Take some time to carefully watch how locals interact with each other and their environments. 

Before traveling to UAE, it is important to be prepared and look into safety and security and other potential dangers. If you are interested in learning more about UAE, make sure to visit United Arab Emirates risk assessment country guide.

UAE Risk Assessment Guide

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