Best Places to Visit in India for Business Travelers

Though international organizations conduct business in various nations every day, successfully navigating the unique climates can be tricky, and some countries have etiquette rules and customs that can trip up even the most savvy professional.

Why Visit India

With one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and thriving sectors in such industries as information technology, telecommunications and health care, it should come as no surprise that India is also growing as a destination for business travelers. While on business, explore some of India’s history, culture and fun attractions. To help expats make the most of their next trip to India, here are the top destinations in some of the busiest cities in the country.

Discovering Mumbai 

Mumbai is India’s most populous city, and its financial capital, making it a major destination for business travelers. Top industries in the city include auto manufacturing, electronics, food processing and light manufacturing. Finance also is important in Mumbai, as the Reserve Bank of India and the Mumbai Stock Exchange are located there.

1. The city’s seven islands are rich in culture and history. One of the city’s top dining destinations is the Sea Lounge at the Taj Mahal Place hotel, which offers traditional afternoon tea with a buffet of English tastes and Indian favorites. 

Best Places to visit in India 2. Among the places to see in India is Chhatrapatī Shivaji Mahārāj Vastu Saṅgrahālay, formerly the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, which holds approximately 50,000 artifacts that share the art, archaeology and natural history of India.

3. Any visit to Mumbai must include a photo at the Gateway of India, a landmark built during British rule to commemorate a visit by King George V. The Gateway overlooks the Arabian Sea and stands 85 feet high.

4. Mumbai also is famous for its bustling movie production. It is nicknamed “Bollywood,” as it makes more films than any city in the world — even Hollywood. Tourists can get a taste of movie-making, India style, through Bollywood Tours, which takes people to movie and TV sets, where they can watch filming, see the behind-the-scenes action of movie making and possibly meet Bollywood stars.

5. Cricket is India’s most popular sport, and Mumbai is home to several cricket grounds, including Brabourne Stadium, which is owned by Cricket Club of India, one of India’s best-known, and most exclusive cricket clubs. Wankhede Stadium, owned by the Mumbai Cricket Association, holds 32,000 fans and hosts many cricket events, including the 2011 Cricket World Cup Final.

Five Must-Dos in New Delhi

New Delhi is a district in Delhi, and is the capital of India. It is home to Connaught Place, one of the largest commercial and financial centers in North India. Most of India’s United Nations regional offices are located in New Delhi. The 2015 IBSA Summit, which promotes cooperation between nations in Africa, Asia and South America, will take place in New Delhi.

1. There’s plenty to explore at Connaught Place with shopping opportunities, including several shopping malls, as well as many restaurants. Central Park at Connaught Place is the home of one of the largest national flags of India, measuring 60 feet in width, 90 feet in length.

2. Lodi Garden offers more than 90 acres of grounds, and is the home of several legendary tombs. It’s the perfect place for a walk, and is can be combined with a visit to Khan Market, the most expensive retail street in India, and home to high-end retailers.

3.  As the capital of India, New Delhi is home to the country’s official presidential residence, Rashtrapati Bhavan and requests for visits can be made online.    

4. Gurdwara Bangla Sahib is perhaps the most famous Sikh house of worship (or gurdwara) in all of Delhi. It was built in 1783 by a Sikhi General as one of nine Sikhi shires built in Delhi that year. Located near Connaught Place, it is known for its golden dome. Inside is a temple, pool and art gallery that shares Sikh history.

Check out Bangalore

The city of Bangalore has become such a hub for the information technology industry that the city has become known as the Silicon Valley of India. As such, it is a major destination for business travelers, and there are plenty of fun and exciting things to do there.

Top 5 Cities to Visit in India

1. The HAL Aerospace Museum opened in 2001 as India’s first aerospace museum. The museum’s displays include aircraft, helicopters, engines, a motion simulator, a mock air traffic control tower and information about aviation in India.

2. Bangalore has a thriving theater and arts scene, and Koshy’s restaurant is known as a meeting place for creative types, journalists, students and tourists.

3. The National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore opened in 2009 and exhibits paintings by well-known artists such as Raja Ravi Verma, Jamini Roy, Amrita Sher-Gil and several modern and contemporary artists.

4. Relax and unwind at the Wonderla Amusement Park, which features water rides, thrill rides and family rides.

5. Science geeks will want to visit the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. Exhibits cover such topics as engines, how machines work and influence our lives, a “fun science” gallery and a gallery about space exploration.

The Best of Chennai

Just as Bangalore is known as the Silicone Valley of India, Chennai is often called the Detroit of India for its thriving automobile industry. It is also is home to TIDEL Park, a hotbed for the IT industry.

Travel Destinations for Business Travelers

1. A visit to Chennai should include a stop at Kapaleeshwarar Temple believed to have been built in the seventh century. It is famous for the sculptures on the building’s façade and for its shrines and halls. The area around the temple is known for its shopping and dining.

2. Marina Beach is the longest natural urban beach in India, and offers an ideal spot for a walk and a view of the Bay of Bengal. Although swimming is prohibited because of the undercurrent, the picturesque views are worth checking out.

3. Guindy National Park is one of the few national parks in India that is inside a city. Among the animals to be found there are blackbucks, deer, jackals, and more than 130 species of birds, butterflies. 

4. San Thome Basilica is a Roman Catholic church that is said to be built over the tomb of St. Thomas, one of Jesus’ apostles. It is a major destination for Indian Catholics, and also houses a museum.

5. The Government Museum Chennai is the second-oldest museum in India, and is known for its collections exploring archaeology, its famed Museum Theatre and works by such artists as Raja Ravi Varma.

The Scene at Kerala

The state of Kerala is known as a media hub for its agriculture business, banking and as the home of several Bombay Stock Exchange companies.

It’s also a popular tourist destination, which means business travelers should make the most out of a visit there. And if you’re someone who appreciates the wonders of nature, Kerala is bound to be a paradise for you.

Business Traveler Hotspots in India

1. Varkala Beach is ranked as one of India’s best beaches, and legend has it that going in the waters of the beach washes away your sins. The beach has cliffs, where water spouts and spas can be found. Near the beach are restaurants and the famous Sree Janardhana Swami Temple.

2. Eravikulam National Park is home for animals including tigers, leopards, elephants, bats, foxes and more. Inside the park, travelers can find birds, reptiles, fish, butterflies, flora and vegetation.

3. The Tea Gardens of Kerala in the town of Munnar are perfect for a walk that is rich with the scent of tea, as well plenty of flora and fauna, and animals.

4. Echo Point in Munnar is a scenic spot on the way to Top Station, the highest spot in Munnar. Supposedly if you shout at this point, you’ll hear your voice back.

5. Ashtamudi Lake is the most visited of Kerala’s famous backwaters. It known for its fishing and is said to have inspired many writers and artists.

Top Spots in Jaipur

Located in North India, Jaipur is a key player in the IT industry, and is a major tourist destination.

10 Tips for Business Travelers in India

1. City Palace is a palace complex with impressive buildings, and a famous collection of art and artifacts. It is still a royal residence, as it is home of the Jaipur Royal Family.
2. Get close to an elephant at Elefantastic, where everyone’s favorite pachyderm can be met up-close. At Elefantstic, travelers can feed, ride and play with elephants.

3. The legend of the Hindu Govind Dev Ji Temple includes an image of the deity that was brought to the temple by Raja Sawai Jai Singh II, Jaipur’s founder. The temple also is known for its architecture, and hosts many festivals.

4. The Albert Hall Museum is the oldest museum in the state of Rajasthan and is located on the Ram Niwas Garden.

5. Enjoy a movie at the opulent Raj Mandir Cinema, which is Jaipur’s best cinema and often referred as the Pride of Asia and has a meringue-shaped auditorium.

Before you travel to India, get familiar with the local Indian customs and adjust to the culture shock. For example, time is a bit more fickle and it’s important to respect religious beliefs as the cow is sacred in India. Find out more about international business customs in India to fully make the most of the opportunity. Also find out about any potential risks with health, safety and security by checking out the India risk assessment country guide.

India Risk Assessment Guide

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