Best Paid Expat Jobs in the World    

You are most likely well aware that the job market in the U.S., especially in big cities, is highly competitive. On the other hand, if you know the field you want to work in and research which other countries have opportunities in that field, you will likely open yourself up to a much greater chance of snagging your dream job and taking on more responsibility more quickly in another country. 

Best Paid Expat Jobs

In recruitment consultancy firm Mercer's Quality of Life Survey, the best cities to find a high quality of life are Vienna, Austria and Zurich, Switzerland, followed closely by Auckland, New Zealand and Munich, Germany. On the other hand, countries like Baghdad, Iraq and Bangui, Central African Republic ranked poorly on the quality of life survey. Even so, there are ideal jobs that exist in all countries throughout the world, as long as you know where to look. In order to help with that goal, here are a few of the top-paying jobs out there for expats:

Working in finance can be a great way for an expat to earn a living, according to a survey conducted by international bank HSBC, as reported by The Expat Hub. For example, if you land a financial gig in Singapore you are likely to earn more than $200,000 a year. This sector is also one of the biggest employers of expats in Asia. However, most openings are filled by highly experienced, older professionals.

If a life in finance doesn't sound like the exciting lifestyle you're after, perhaps consider becoming a pilot. The HSBC survey found that many pilots earn a fantastic salary while abroad, the news source explained. For example, pilots in China are in demand, and many there earn as much as $150,000 a year flying for Chinese airlines. It can help to be multilingual and have a significant amount of experience flying international routes.

Petroleum Engineer
For those of you interested in the oil industry it’s time to start looking at countries in the Middle East including Dubai, United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia. A Petroleum Engineer earns over $100,000 on average and graduates can easily command salaries of $80,000 upwards.

If you are planning on moving overseas in search of a new job, you might have your eyes set on a country like the United Kingdom, Australia or the United Arab Emirates. However, expats all across the country are finding work opportunities in places that are more underdeveloped than their home country. Find out about work opportunities available for expats in unexpected locations.

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