Aid Workers Targets of Kidnapping in Western Afghanistan 

On August 16, 2014 - The International Committee of the Red Cross said that armed militants in Afghanistan had kidnapped five of the aid organization's local workers, and that a comprehensive search process was now underway.

Kidnappings in AfghanistanWorking in certain parts of the world brings forth a whole new set of dangers, and the men and women who choose to accept these jobs understand the risks. However, there is still plenty that can be done to mitigate the hazards and ensure that everybody gets home safely. International high risk insurance is among the key strategies that companies use with employees in dangerous locations.

Aid Workers Targeted While Driving
According to Reuters, the ICRC's five aid workers were targeted while driving in the western province of Herat, Afghanistan. 

"The incident happened when the team was traveling by road in Herat province on August 14," said Marek Resich, an ICRC spokesman in Kabul., Reuters reported.

Resich added that they were doing everything they could to ensure that the staff members were returned safely. This includes working with local elders who may know the people behind the kidnapping. "We have already spoken to elders in the area to use their influence and speak to the Taliban to release them," said Shafiq Nang Safi, a spokesman for the provincial governor, according to Reuters.

Multiple kidnapping Cases Reported
This recent incident is only one in a string of recent kidnappings in the Middle East. Reuters explained that only a few days earlier, the Taliban targeted 13 people who were clearing mines in the central part of the country. They were also kidnapped while traveling.

Other types of violence against aid workers have also been reported, according to Gulf News. In late July, two Finnish workers were killed in Herat city. In 2013, Armed gunmen also killed five Afghan staff members of the International Rescue Committee in Herat. These are only a few of the several hundred incidents on a yearly basis worldwide, with many coming in the Middle East.

Thankfully, there are several ways that humanitarian organizations - and all global businesses - can keep staff members safe while abroad. In order to mitigate the risk of tumultuous activities, Clements' kidnap and ransom insurance policy ensures financial assistance following a kidnapping, such as independent investigations, negotiations, arrangement and delivery of funds. If you are interested in learning about safety and security in Afghanistan, make sure to visit our Afghanistan risk assessment country guide.

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