International Commercial Property Insurance for International Schools

Clements Worldwide has combined the necessary coverage to protect your school's assets. Our program provides replacement cost coverage for the property you own and can include coverage for International School Personal Property, Computer and Data Storage, Loss of Business Income. Our customizable program is designed to meet the unique needs of your school and protect its assets.

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Our international school program offers dependable coverage exceeding the expectations of schools operating in the global market. Clements’ school coverage includes:

School Personal Property: Provides coverage for moveable assets owned by the insured, such as furniture, inventory, stocks, etc.

Commercial Property Coverage: Protects buildings, inventory, and their contents from fire, lightning, vandalism and other covered losses.

Loss of Business Income Protection: Helps your school compensate for the loss of money your business would have earned if you are forced to temporarily close your doors due to a covered loss.

Computer and Data Coverage: Protection for your school’s computer hardware, data processing systems and software if damaged or destroyed by a covered loss.

Earthquake and Flood CoverageProtection against property damage as a result of earthquake and/or flood.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment): Coverage for loss due to accidents involving the operation of pressure, mechanical, and electrical equipment. Covers loss of the boiler and equipment itself, damage to other property and business interruption losses.

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Any commercial entity that owns or rents premises, travels to visit clients, manufactures goods or provides services to its clients will have a general liability exposure.  General liability is a form of insurance provided to commercial entities to indemnify the business for third-party liability claims. General liability coverage includes:

Third-Party Bodily Injury and Third-Party Property Damage: Coverage for suits arising out of the operations or premises of an organization

Personal and Advertising Injury: Coverage for law suits arising out of slander, libel, wrongful eviction, malicious prosecution

Products and Completed OperationsCoverage to protect against liability for loss or damage as the result of a defect in a product manufactured or installed

Damage to Rented Premises: Coverage to a landlord/property owner in the event of destruction to the actual leased space

Medical Expenses: Coverage for medical bills as a result of third-party bodily injury that occurs on the insured’s premises

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