International Transit & Cargo Insurance 

transit & cargo insurance

Every international shipment presents potential risks of damage and loss. Moreover, piracy and hijacking are growing threats, leading to the interruption of critical business operations caused by a loss of assets. Transit and cargo insurance can insulate your organisation from the debilitating effects of such hazards.

Many providers exclude many risks from cargo insurance, leaving a glaring gap in coverage especially for clients shipping to high-risk countries. Clements Worldwide’s understanding of the unique risks and underwriting considerations involved, combined with a vast knowledge of global markets, results in cost-effective cargo insurance policies for all international-bound clients. Moreover, Clements provides end-to-end international protection for goods in transit in high-risk areas, including Iraq and Afghanistan. We cover risks on all modes of transportation for any incident that may occur in transit. Coverage is flexible, and can be increased or adjusted based on your shipment.

Clements specializes in evaluating risk factors pertaining to transit insurance and cargo insurance coverage, and also offers protection for land transit as part of our unique policy extensions. International cargo insurance with an optional War Risk extension is designed to protect goods and other property while they are being transported from one location to another and includes protection against acts of war. This insurance covers risks involved when transporting goods by any of the following methods:

  • Ocean vessel
  • Aircraft
  • Truck
  • Barge
  • Rail 

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Benefits and Features

Clements Transit & Cargo insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's and coverage includes: 

  • Single or one: off transits
  • Open cargo: all risks
  • Warehouse to warehouse policies
  • Blanket policies for worldwide shipments
  • All modes of conveyance: land, sea & air
  • Stand-alone War/Terrorism on land in high risk locations
  • Worldwide coverage, including transit through hazardous routes (land & sea)

Case Study: Damaged Fertilizer Shipment Replaced by Clements “Open Policy” Plan

A major fertilizer distributor received a surge of large contracts from Africa requiring transit through dangerous routes that passed through high theft and piracy areas. Clements designed a custom worldwide “open policy” plan for the distributor that provided worldwide coverage for all shipments of fertilizer to Africa.

Clements’ transit insurance coverage applied to different modes of transportation including land, sea and air transit across country borders. In addition, the coverage provided financial protection against employee strikes and riots during land transit, which is particularly important for a company with a growing employee base.

A few months after the policy took effect, the distributor experienced an accident during a shipment which resulted in some of the fertilizer burning. Thanks to the “open policy” that Clements crafted to meet the distributor’s needs, the client was not required to pay a deductible, and was fully reimbursed for the lost product.

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