Clements Worldwide, a leading provider of international insurance solutions, produces the Clements Worldwide Risk Index once a year in an effort to gather top concerns from both our clients and like-minded international organizations on the topic of global risk. This information provides a barometer for risk managers to validate current thinking on institutional risk, including top concerns, categories of loss, and levels of preparation for different risk types.

The 5th edition of the Clements Worldwide Risk Index launched April 19, 2018. The results indicate that there is an increase in risks associated with management liability losses and a shifting political environment.

The latest survey was conducted from January to February 2018 with 533 executives responsible for global risk management at international organizations. Eighty-seven percent of respondents have more than 100 employees with 30 percent having more than 1,000. Fifteen percent have more than 75 percent of their staff abroad.  The top 5 represented industries are: international schools, NGOs, transportation, construction, and banking. The population came from Clements Worldwide’s roster of clients as well as partner organizations whose members include organizations working overseas often in high risk locations and a panel of businesses managed by SSI.

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