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Hitting the Road After COVID-19: Navigating Cyber Risk While Traveling

As business and personal travel starts again following delays due to COVID-19, it's important to...
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Trading One Virus for Another: A COVID-19 Cybersecurity Risk Management Guide

COVID-19 has created a multitude of opportunities for the cyber-crime industry—phishing scams, malware, to name...
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COVID-19 Insurance Questions: What Does the Defense Base Act (DBA) Cover for US Government Contractors?

During these uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employees of the US government contracting...
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Top Twelve Scenic Drives in the UK & Ireland

Most people knowing the UK, drivers use their left side of the road instead of...
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Why You Should Get to Know Your Home Country’s Embassy

Whether you have lost your passport, get arrested or married overseas, or simply traveling abroad...
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How to Rent Out Your Home While Working Abroad

Renting out your residence while you are overseas is a cost effective way to bring...
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Clements Worldwide Risk Index - Barometer for Global Risk Managers

The Clements Worldwide Risk Index highlights top areas of concern for global risk managers and...
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Important European & UK Rules of the Road and Driving Laws that You Don’t Want to Break

Most people knowing the UK, drivers use their left side of the road instead of...
Greg Barker, Procuder of Manhunt talking about Clements high-risk area insurance benefits.

Video: Dependable Insurance in High Risk Areas | Greg Barker

Documentary producer Greg Barker on getting coverage from Clements to produce his film shooting in...
Jon Alpert, documentary film producer on the value of insurance in high-risk locations.

Video: The Value of Insurance in High Risk Locations: Jon Alpert, Producer

Documentary film producer Jon Alpert on insurance when operating in high risk locations.
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Global News Alerts

Stay in the know about major events around the world.
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How to Live Like a Local in Paris

Fast-moving Paris is home to 2.2 million people and you’ll want to blend in with...