School Travel Accident Insurance 

Clements Worldwide provides coverage for teachers, students, administrators, and volunteers who experience an accident from a variety of school activities including, but not limited to, amateur sports tournaments to overnight field trips both in-country and across national borders.  

Many school travel coverages do not apply to injuries sustained during sporting matches or amateur sports competitions, but a Clements policy can be designed based on the school needs and cover injuries during actual game play, but also while traveling to an event or after hours at a restaurant or hotel.

The policy is also easy to manage.  Schools can set up an umbrella policy with plans for each event outside of the school rather than having to fill out forms per trip as they would do with other brokers or providers.

Coverage starts at USD 100,000 and can be increased up to USD 1 million per person. Beneficiaries can receive a death benefit in the event of your accidental death while living, working, or studying abroad.

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  • Benefits & Features

Benefits & Features

Clements School Travel Accident insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's and coverage includes:

Accidental Death: Death of the insured resulting from an accident.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage: In the event of an accident resulting in loss of life, limb, or eyesight, the beneficiary receives up to the policy limit. This comprehensive coverage also extends to permanent total dismemberment or disability.

Temporary Disablement from an Accident: Accidental injury that temporarily prevents the insured from working. Amounts are available up to 100% of the employee’s weekly salary.

Medical Expenses/Hospitalization resulting from an Accident: Necessary hospitalization and recovery expenses incurred by an insured as a result of an accident.

Medical Evacuation: If adequate medical assistance is not immediately available, the insured will be evacuated to a suitable facility to receive appropriate medical treatment. In some cases, travel expenses will also be paid for repatriation to the employee’s home country.

Flexible Policy Terms: Provides coverage options for both individuals and groups at competitive rates. Benefit types and amounts can be easily modified as circumstances may require.

War and Terrorism Coverage: Protects organizations with the right coverage against the risks of civil unrest, war, and acts of terrorism.

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