Emergency Evacuation and Salary Continuation Insurance

In a world of uncertainty, it is important to understand and manage your organization's potential risks. Multinational organizations and their staff members face many unknown perils, including security threats from political violence, death and destruction from natural disasters, and health risks from epidemics. All of these events may prompt your organization to remove your expatriate staff from an at-risk location, but have you considered the costs and logistical challenges of such a move. With the average cost of evacuating a single employee as high as USD 50,000, the cost to move a staff of 10 or potentially 100 period during a crisis situation could be astronomical. 

Clements Worldwide offers a unique program designed for the international business community. Our Emergency Evacuation & Salary Continuation program, part of an organization’s kidnap & ransom policy, is designed to protect international organizations and their staff from unforeseen financial consequences associated with the evacuation of personnel due to political instability, military confrontation, a natural disaster or an epidemic.

Emergency Evacuation & Salary Continuation insurance provides coverage in the following political or security situations:

  • Employees are expelled or declared persona non grata
  • Wholesale seizure, confiscation or expropriation of insured property
  • Evacuation advisory is issued due to political or military event

Organization in conjunction with the Response team can make the decision to evacuate, evacuation does not necessarily have to be triggered by the US State Department or British governments in order for coverage to respond. Additionally, an evacuation can be triggered by a catastrophic peril such as an earthquake, typhoon, tsunami, etc or an epidemic like the ebola crisis of 2015. 

This unique offering provides a flexible approach to the risks facing global organizations today. This coverage is typically purchased in conjunction with a kidnap & ransom policy from Clements Worldwide. 

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Benefits & Features 

Clements Emergency Evacuation and Salary Continuation insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's and coverage includes:

  • Emergency Evacuation to the nearest safe location
  • Costs associated with returning to host country in order to restore business operations
  • Customized coverage limits
  • Personal property coverage (item left behind)
  • No policy deductible
  • Worldwide coverage
  • High-limits
  • Repatriation and Relocation per insured person
  • Unlimited consultant expenses
  • Salary continuation up to 180 days for evacuated staff subject to contract
  • Travel Risk Portal available with some policies

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Case Study: Emergency Evacuation for International Schools in Libya Handled Successfully

Skilled experts from Clements will proactively identify unforeseen risks to help protect your organization. In February 2011, political violence broke out in Libya forcing faculty and students to evacuate from international schools for their safety. Thanks to the Clements Political Evacuation and Repatriation insurance policy, the evacuation was handled successfully. 

Just months before the evacuation in December, Clements worked closely with the schools in Libya to develop a comprehensive coverage policy, spending years monitoring the situation in Libya. As Clements’ underwriters and consultants reported a deteriorating political situation in the country, Clements advised school directors and teachers about their coverage plans and political evacuation polices in the event of a political meltdown.

Clements also advised school directors on risk assessment strategies for determining if a project would be worth the potential damages incurred in a political upheaval. Through Clements’ Political Evacuation and Salary Continuation Insurance policy, international schools in Libya were fully prepared for the evacuation. For more information, you can read the full Case Study on Emergency Evacuation Insurance in Libya

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