Liability Package for Peace Corps Contractors

Volunteers or contractors participating in Peace Corps (USA) or Voluntary Service Overseas (UK) efforts around the world, are strongly advised to secure proper liability insurance coverage when operating abroad. Clements Worldwide offers a complete global liability package, designed specifically to meet the requirements of volunteers and contractors, all at an affordable price. Our package policy includes auto liability, general liability, accidental death and dismemberment along with sickness coverage. This policy is available to expatriates of any nationality, currently living and working outside of their home country.

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Non-Owned Auto Liability Coverage: This portion of the package protects you if you are involved in an accident while driving a government vehicle. It provides up to USD 50,000 of excess liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage coverage.

Comprehensive General Liability CoverageThis coverage is designed to protect you in case someone brings a lawsuit against you for personal actions overseas related to your employment. For example, if you were to accidentally cause bodily harm to someone or unintentionally damage their property, they may sue you for your negligence. This portion of the package would cover up to USD 50,000 in the event of such a lawsuit.

Accidental Death, Dismemberment & Sickness Coverage: If you are killed by an accident while overseas, your beneficiary will receive up to USD 20,000. If you lose a limb(s) or sight in an eye(s) or incur medical expenses due to an accident, you may receive payment up to USD 20,000. The policy also covers expenses due to sickness occurring during the period of insurance and incurred within 12 months within the date of sickness. The maximum benefit payable for all losses under these clauses due to a single accident is USD 20,000.

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1. How much does the Liability Insurance Package for Peace Corp/VSO Personal Service Contractors cost?

This affordable package is priced at USD 50 per month with a two month minimum up to a year with the option to renew. It is recommended that all contractors purchase this policy for the entire length of their Peace Corps contract.

2. What if I’m working in my home country, does the policy provide coverage?

For Host Country Nationals, benefits are only provided during working hours as a Peace Corp or VSO contractor.  

*Additional Terms and Conditions:
1. There is no benefit payable for pre-existing conditions. 2. For Host Country Nationals, benefits are provided only during working hours as a Peace Corps contractor. 3. Coverage is worldwide excluding the United States. 4. Should you have other medical insurance, such other insurance shall be considered Primary and any benefits payable there under shall not be payable under this policy.

The description of insurance coverage in this page is a summary only. The coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions contained in the policy of insurance. In the event of any conflict between the outline of coverage herein and the policy of insurance, the provisions contained in the policy of insurance will govern.

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