Group Disability Insurance

Clements Worldwide offers International Group Disability Insurance to support employees should an unexpected accident or illness force them to cease working temporarily or permanently.  Group Disability Insurance, also known as Loss of Income Insurance, will continue to pay a portion of an employee’s salary if they are unable to work.  This can be offered as a standard benefit or as a voluntary benefit where employees pay for additional protection based on their financial obligations, including mortgages that would need to be paid or loved ones to be supported. 

Clements Worldwide offers access to Group Disability Insurance targeted to expatriates who may move between posts.  Coverage follows employees to other countries and can include visits to their home country.* War and terrorism is included with this policy. 

Features Include:

  • Own occupational coverage, meaning policy holder can work at other occupations and still receive benefits if an accident or illness forces them to be unable to work at their current job
  • Waiting periods options
  • Simple application processes
  • For some policies, no medical underwriting or medical tests required
  • Underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's of London

Benefits per product can be customized for standard benefits or employee voluntary add-ons:

  • Maximum 60% of salary or $20,000 per month whichever is lower and benefit period options for  12 to 120 months for temporary disability
  • Maximum of 5X annual salary or $750K whichever is lower for permanent disability

Employees are required to be actively at work to apply for group disability insurance.   Preexisting conditions will not be covered during the first 30 months of policy ownership. 

An illness or event that keeps an employee from working is a stressful time.  Provide peace of mind for your international workers with the financial protection offered by a disability policy. 

Clements can work with your company to create a program for loss of income benefits that meets your organization's needs, requirements, and budget. Call us today at +1.202.872.0060 or 800.872.0067 or e-mail to discuss your organization’s needs.

*Employees moving back to their home country are not eligible to remain in the International Group Disability policy.  Some country restrictions apply. 

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