Clements Worldwide strives to make all international claims as simple as possible. Most claims reported are handled directly at our headquarters in Washington, DC. We strongly believe that the use of overseas/local adjusters unnecessarily complicates a very simple process.

The following information will help you in documenting and filing your claim. Please read the following information thoroughly and carefully note the items necessary to complete your claim submission.

1. Claims Packet Request Form
Complete the Claims Packet Request Form. This will provide us with a brief description of your policy and type of claim

2. Claims Information Packet
You will receive a full claim packet in PDF format by e-mail which states exactly what information is necessary to document your claim. Complete the packet and send it back to our office by e-mail or mail. Be sure to save a copy for your records and submit all requested paperwork.

3. Necessary Documentation
Depending on the type of claim, the following document may be necessary. Insurance commissioners set minimum requirements for documenting a loss. These requirements vary with different kinds of losses. We have reduced these documentation requirements to the absolute minimum in order to make your claims filing experience less cumbersome and time-consuming.

The following documents are required depending on the nature of your claim:

Loss Report

In every case, a Loss Report containing loss information and statement of loss must be completed and signed.

Police Reports

In those cases where an auto collision or crime occurs, the company will require some evidence of a report to the police or a civil authority. This is a requirement of all policies, although in a few circumstances, it is waived. This requirement of notice to the authorities is an effort to obtain assistance toward recovery of the property and to aid law enforcement.

Embassy Reports

In the event that a police report is impossible to obtain, an Embassy Report will be accepted. This report should include the circumstances of the loss and be certified by the Regional Security Officer or an equivalent Embassy representative.

Responsibility for Loss

In the event of a loss, even if another party is remotely responsible, send full details including name, address, all contact numbers and the person’s relationship to the loss. Please use the Loss Report form to provide this information.

Claims Review
Once we receive your completed claims packet, we will immediately review your claim. Covered claims are typically settled within 2 – 3 weeks.

4. Ongoing Client Support
If you have any questions or need additional instructions during the claims process, do not hesitate to call. Our staff is available to make this as clear and easy as possible.

Phone: +1.202.872.0060 or 1.800.872.0067
Fax: +1.202.521.1815